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Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner along with his business partner Marc Lindsay, is known to be the man behind PLRPro; the online content management and optimization system that not only provides huge volumes of content almost instantaneously to populate sites, but the system also ensures that the content is free from errors and highly optimized towards better search engine results. The need for quality content for their niche sites had led Daniel and Marc into considering an idea of setting up their own content empire.

The idea was born in April 2006 and has come a long way since its inception. The mere thought of getting their sites populated with hoards of articles at the click of a button, get the clients into opting in for the system. The system does exactly that. With a few steps to follow, you would be able to populate your site with 400+ English articles and 3500+ articles, rewritten in eight foreign languages. All this comes at a price less than the price you would pay for a parking ticket.

We all know that PLR content can be posted on the site as it is and that duplicate content is highly penalized by search engines, especially Google. Faced with the problem of maintaining exclusivity and still being able to sell PLR content for a relatively cost-effective price, Daniel came out with a master idea- of dividing his entire customer base into smaller groups. Each group has not more than 200 people in it and the system is so designed that it supplies content on a specific niche only to a particular group.

That is, only 200 people can have the same set of 4,000 odd articles on the same niche. This number is still low and therefore, catches the attention of the customers more than anything else. The idea of having cheap PLR content and being sure of the fact that the content is relatively less saturated among clients is what sets the PLRPro apart from all other systems offering PLR articles.

Daniel Turner is a man with a strong conviction, that success in online ventures can be directly linked to offline marketing mantras. Having achieved considerable success in many offline ventures, Daniel’ successful stints in the online world are proving to be great testimonials of his convictions. With a great team in place, an understanding business partner and a system like none other on the internet, Daniel, Marc and PLRPro are all set to scale unimaginable heights.

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