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It was bound to happen sooner or later – in this case, a bit later. MSN has finally gone ahead with a “new” search engine. It’s called Bing and its launch follows the footsteps of Yahoo and Google updating their services as well. Search plays a huge role in the lives of everyone not living under a rock. It is where society is headed – the information age.

Microsoft claims to have used semantic algorithms in the build of their new search engine, dubbed “BING”. What is Bing anyways? Does it mean anything? One could argue to reason that Bing implies human being, or “binging it”, which could imply a slang for doing, searching, finding, etc… Will the phrase “Got Bing?” become as popular as “Got Milk?”. Only time will tell.

So what does this search engine have so far other than looks? Cosmetics is surely at the forefront of this new step-up but is there anything else planned? Does Microsoft want to gain the title of search king or are they happy with being software king?

Well, by using LSI in their search algorithms, the engine will help to deduce the meaning of phrases and words search, instead of solely providing results. This technology isn’t that new, but it will certainly play a huge role in shaping the future of search.  So say goodbye to MSN Live because as of June 3rd, 2009, it’s going to search engine heaven (or hell – where it could be repeatedly stabbed by Google). Ok you get the point – just gear up for the new engine!

Now the goal of Bing is rather unique. They want their users to experience a lot more for a lot less. The images will change, there will be hot-spots and info hubs, there will be many things that once was not. Are they intending to one-up Yahoo and the big G? Probably not, but it’s a helpful move in a positive direction.

The new MSN Bing will help online shoppers at best. It will give people ideas and information on shopping, travel, health, and fitness. This certainly is targeting a particular crowd as you can see. It may even turn into the world’s largest shopping “hub”. Time will tell for sure.

City searches trigger weather patterns, shopping searches brings up stores, and random searches give you a history plus ask for refinements. As you can see, things are heading into a very personal level. You can even view a video without clicking the link.

All of this stems from a study that Microsoft did in which they found, that 30% of users abandon their search for answers out of frustration. Will Bing be the answer to this problem? You be the judge – post your thoughts.

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